Sormin explores risk, upheaval, fragility, migration, and change through sculpture and site-responsive installation. Upturning conventions of ceramics, her works offer non-linear narratives of diasporic experience. Sormin upcycles trash objects, clays and glazes and invites the voices of people who contribute fragments of their studio or domestic waste.  Her sculptures are often extracted from the large-scale installations, reinvented with new imagery and intricate hand work.

risk upheaval

migration fragility


Born in Bangkok, Sormin moved to Canada at the age of five. Following a BA in English, she worked in non-profit, community development for four years in Thailand and Laos, then brought her questions aound human and environmental vulnerability into ceramics study at Andrews University, Sheridan College and Alfred University (MFA 2003).

fierce passengers

Sormin’s immersive work, “Fierce Passengers”, was installed at CUAG (Ottawa, Canada) in 2018. New sculptures were just at Art Toronto 2019 with Patricia Sweetow Gallery (San Francisco) and public collections include: the CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark (Middelfart), Alfred University Ceramic Art Museum (Alfred, NY), Arizona State University Museum (Tempe, AZ) and World Ceramic Exposition Permanent Collection (Gyeonggi Province, Korea).  Sormin lives and works in New York, NY. She is Associate Professor of Studio Art at New York University.