fierce passengers


Solo exhibition, CUAG, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
Site responsive installation: glazed ceramic, raw clay, wood, found and borrowed objects

Culture carries us, its fierce passengers, through times of transition.  What stories might be told through objects from the lives of people who own them?  The high gallery becomes a dry dock, with curved wooden ribs shaping the underbelly of a ship. Hand-built raw and fired clay grids are interstitial tissue. They enfold shards, souvenir pottery, a single wool mitten, shreds of art class experiments, a metal watch, 1000 lbs of Leda clay, 20,000 X magnification of Leda clay, a pink Limoge figurine, a discarded hospital gown.  These are brought to the installation by people in Ottawa, friends and colleagues offering things that embody their personal experiences of migration, upheaval and change.

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